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Amended AB236 Passes Senate Trans Committee – On To Full Senate Vote

Lane Splitting Road Sign

AB236, Nevada’s lane splitting bill, has passed the Senate Transportation Committee. The bill was first heard by the Nevada Senate Transportation Committee on April 26th. The bill was then amended to allow lane splitting only in stopped traffic, at no more

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Amended AB236 Lane Splitting Bill Passes NV Transportation Committee

Lane Splitting Road Sign

Nevada’s lane splitting bill, AB236, first heard by the Assembly Transportation Committee on March 28th, 2013 has passed committee in amended form, with only two committee members opposing – Maggie Carlton and Paul Anderson. Next step – the bill goes

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HellForLeather Interview With NV Assemblyman Richard “Skip” Daly On AB236

Lane Splitting Road Sign

The folks over at HellForLeather interviewed Nevada Assemblyman Richard “Skip” Daly about Nevada’s lane splitting bill, AB236, in a story posted yesterday. We’ve been tracking this bill since it’s inception and are glad to see it getting some additional coverage. One important bit

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Nevada Lane Splitting Bill AB236 Heard By Assembly Transportation Committee

Nevada’s Assembly Transportation Committee met to hear AB236, which would legalize lane splitting in Nevada, last Thursday, March 28th 2013. The bill was presented by co-sponsor Richard Daly with presentations by Steve Guderian, Ernie Adler and Pete VanderAa, who then

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Bill To Legalize Lane Splitting Introduced in Nevada

Assemblymen Richard “Skip” Daly (District 31), Richard Carrillo (District 18) and James Healey (District 35) have introduced AB236 which would legalize lane splitting in Nevada. AB236 would amend NRS sections 484B.207, 484B.210 and 486.351 to allow lane splitting. The important bit here is:

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CA Senator Jim Beall Introduces Bill To Legislate Specifics Of Already-Legal Lane Splitting

Lane Splitting is Legal In California

Hot on the heels of all the recent attention to the CHP lane splitting guidelines, California State Senator Jim Beall introduced Senate Bill 350, a vaguely worded bill which – despite its lack of specifics in most areas – seems

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Sacramento Bee Covers the CHP Lane Splitting Guidelines

Info graphic from Sacramento Bee article on lane splitting

Calling lane splitting a “slick maneuver,” The Sacramento Bee posted a story by Tony Bizjak on the new CHP lane splitting guidelines today. It’s actually a pretty balanced and in-depth piece – far better than most of the echo chamber coverage

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Nevada Lane Splitting Rollup

Lane splitting is currently illegal in the state of Nevada. The Motorcycle Operator Manual (PDF) published by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles specifically mentions lane sharing, stating: Lane Sharing Cars and motorcycles need a full lane to operate safely. Lane

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Oregon Lane Splitting Rollup

Oregon Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is currently illegal in Oregon. However, there are signs of a move to make lane sharing legal. The Oregon Department of Transportation completed a Motorcycle Lane-sharing Literature Review (PDF)  in June of 2010, which looked at things like: Reduction

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Los Angeles Times: On Two Wheels, It’s All Open Road

Lane Splitting Road Sign

People often ask moto commuters, “Why do you commute that way? It’s dangerous!” My own answer always includes something to the tune of, “I’m immune to traffic on my bike.” This LA Times Perspective piece on lane splitting backs this

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